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13 Reflections of 2013

  • Peak life experiences

I started 2013 with a mantra that I was going to infuse more peak life experiences and as I look back over the year I know that I: Went ice skating (first time ever) in New York City; witnessed the inauguration of the president and saw him in my honeys home town; attended amazing weddings but was most excited to attend one on a cruise ship (thank you Hairscapades); added 2 more places to my list I’ve never been before like Denver Colorado, Dallas Texas (Cowboys stadium was def a highlight); wrapped up my running season with over 150 miles; rode in a carriage in central park, hosted my own bridge run, rode first class for the first time; presented at the super bowl of nursing conferences (ANCC© Magnet Conference) went paddle boat riding before a wedding (thanks Side Swoop) and drove down the highway at 2am in December with the top down in my friends convertible…what a year



  • Personal Development

2013 was the year of “finding Larissa” and I did that through lots of personal development. One component of that came when I reconnected with God (refer to #11 for more) but it also come from reading. Honestly years of school burned me out from reading and I am so happy to have gotten past that and restarted with my favorite reading genre, self-help/personal improvement. The other major component I needed to develop self-discipline with my finances because I have been a mess. So I had a consultation with some thinking that out thought me to get me on track and I am forever grateful for that jump start she gave me.


Image (I read 6 books this year)



  • Slowing down

Anyone that follows me on IG or Facebook knows that the NJ State Police may know me by name by the number of times I have been pulled over for speeding. Every time they pull me over they say “ma’am please slow down” I have taken that advice and transcended it to my life as well (along with started to drive with cruise control so I can save money J) I am almost always on the go, but I have really taken head and slowed down a lot. For example, I use to get ready in 20 min in the morning, but that is no more I give myself time to actually breathe in the morning. So thanks NJSP for the advice.





  • Expanded my network

I really love meeting new people but I most enjoy networking by meeting people and being able to connect them to: a mate, an idea, another connection, an item, an opportunity, a job, etc. I have met so many inspirational, strong willed, humble, funny and phenomenal people. Not only have I met new people I have reconnected with people I have already known but honestly wasn’t at a place to do so. But its ONNN now 🙂


  •  Laughter is good for the soul

My hubby told me one of the things he loves about me is my smile but I realized I wasn’t smiling much. Why? At some point I started taking life and myself wayyyyy too serious. Instead of living life I was rushing, doing too much and surviving, but 2013 I started to really LIVE and have a good time doing it. I won’t say I didn’t have my down moments (even wanted to get in my car and drive until I felt like stopping) but I made a conscious decision to BE HAPPY!!




  •  The prodigal daughter came home

2 things led me to really think about Gods position in my life: 1) someone mentioned to me that I was really starting to curse a lot and that it was unlike me 2) an alter call at church one Sunday. That alter call lead me to rededicate my life to God, not because I had completely walked away but I was trying to control too much and I needed him to know that I was submitting myself back to HIM. I don’t get to church every Sunday but I must say that when my Pastor (Pastor Daniels at Kingdom Church) started a weekly prayer call I felt like God spoke to him on my behalf and I am forever grateful for it because this prodigal daughter has come back home from those calls.


  • Worked on the role of Mrs.

This year we celebrated 3 years of marriage and I must say every year I grow more in my marriage. Marriage is one of the most humbling roles you will ever have. To be in a lifetime partnership with someone else really really means realizing that its not all about you, and this year I learned (amongst other things) what it means to be a helpmate, what good and bad communication looks like and to be humble.



  •  Larissa meet Larissa

As I mentioned before I had lost connection with who I really was and in 2013 I found Larissa. I started to dream again, connect with things that made me happy and be true to who God made ME to be. It wasn’t about pleasing others through my life but pleasing God by allowing the gifts and talents he gave me, to listen to the little voice he says to me, and be unapologetically ME!




  •  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

In 2013 I decided to life by the motto “life begins when your comfort zone ends.”  I am proud to say I have done the following: gotten over my fear of flying and the dark, talked to people I have been scared to talk to, and going natural with my hair. I was in Melbas chair every 2 weeks with a cut, color and relaxer for over 10 years. I would sleep with a neck pillow so I wouldn’t mess up my hair, ride down the road with the windows up so it wouldn’t blow and take not hot baths or stand out of the water for the first days after getting my hair done. Well no more…




  • Broke some chains

I have struggled with the Disease to Please for years and this year I put myself into intense self-help (and professional) getting over the opinion of others. I use to despise hearing the word NO, feeling like I am letting others down and really being bound by it. What I realized is that most of it came from realizing that I was being so judgmental of others that everyone had to be judging me. (I will cover that later)


  • Eliminated the junk

I HAD to start surrounding myself with more positive things this year. The internal negative self-talk was way to much for me. So I decided that since a large portion of my day was spent in my car so I decided to only listen to positive music because I felt I was passively taking in the nonsense from it. The next thing I realized is that I was watching some garbage on TV. I would be up til 11 or 12 watching TV and was dragging the next day. I realized that NeNe Leaks was getting her sleep and I wasn’t.


  •  Balance

A lot of 2013 was all about one word…balance. Everything from the use of the word yes and no, going between the glass half full or half empty, doing more or not enough, using more or less words, being hard on myself and not being hard enough on myself, to be in control or let God have control, being a realist versus being an optimist. 



  • SWAGGed up/Just did it

I have spent a lot of my life dreaming and thinking but what I realized in 2013 is that I wasn’t taking action. The words “faith without words is dead” really spoke to me because I had faith, dreams and aspirations but I was staying stuck in a wish. So as my crew says I “Stopped Wishing and Go Got It”